Dancing is an effective fat burner. It is a great way of keeping fit, sculpting the body, improving blood circulation, metabolism and detoxifying the body and thus achieving better skin tone and complexion, younger outlook and emotional enlightenment.

i Dance has a wide range of dance courses that are fun, simple, easy to learn, and highly effective in shaping and toning all parts of the body. There is always a simple workout or an advanced routine that suit your needs!

Theme Dance
Name Description Benefits Ideal For
i Dance
  • This is unique as from any other dance. It is a combination of different dance elements that are easy to learn and is perfect for effective slimming and body toning.
  • I Dance, You Dance, Everybody Dance!
  • Dance for Joy
  • Slimming & Body Toning
  • De-stressing & spiritual rejuvenation
  • Virtually Everyone

Slimming & Shapely Bodies
Name Description Benefits Ideal For
Zumba Fit
  • ZUMBA® is one of the popular and fashionable fitness dance around the World
  • A contagious blend of Latin and international rhythms, high-energy music, fun and party-like format
  • Unique moves with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that ton, sculpt the body, and burns 1200 calories in 90 minutes
  • Fun, easy and effective
  • Maximize caloric output, fat burning and total body toning
  • Improve metabolism
  • Happy mind, think positive
  • Improve self-esteem, self-confidence and self-image
  • Virtually Everyone
  • Body slimming & toning
Slim Dance

Design specially for ladies, with no pre-requisite of dancing experience or talent. The dance routine is simple and easy to remember

  • Light & rhythmic, infused with vitality
  • induce sweating, burning of fat
  • strengthening & lifting sagged body areas
  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Body slimming & toning
Tummy & Hips Burning
  • The Dance incorporates spinning, shaking and wavy actions focusing on burning excessive fat at the stomach, tummy and hip areas
  • Shaping the waist, abdomen and hips
  • High speed body sculpting that accentuates linear beauty
  • The movements target-toning Upper/ Lower Abdomen, hips and backside with effective results
  • Anyone who would like to improve their body shape
  • Anyone who needs weight reduction and body toning
Body Line & Shape
Name Description Benefits Ideal For
Shape Up Dance
  • When ladies pass the age of 25, their metabolism start slowing down, even for a slim woman, certain parts of her body like the arms, bust, tummy and hips would start getting flabby.
  • Specially designed to firm-up muscles through vibrant dance movements.
  • Firming muscle shaping body lines
  • Everyone
  • Body shaping
Stretching & Toning
  • Stretching is essential in the warm-up and follow-through process in any sports
  • Learn proper breathing techniques during exercise and correct any bad body posture
  • Train core muscle groups to attain flexibility and suppleness and thus result in having a perfect body
  • Crucial stretching movements help relax tensions in various body parts, flexing & strengthening muscles, joints and ligaments.

  • Improves flexibility and balance
  • Relaxing muscles and joints, reducing the risks of wear & tear or injury during sports

  • To help address the pain of headache, neck, back etc. due to improper seating position especially in front of computerne etc.

  • All athletic persons
  • Full body toning for beautiful physique
  • Anyone who works long hours in an office
  • 2 to 3 sessions per week recommended
Power Burning
  • An aerobic dance designed for the strengthening of the body and improving physical fitness. It increases the circulation of oxygen in the blood to the entire body making the body a powerhouse for sports
  • Effective regulation of the body mass ratio
  • Burn excessive fat – particularly at the tummy & legs

  • Any dance enthusiast
Name Description Benefits Ideal For
i Dance Boxing
  • Coupling dynamic music with massive stretching workout
  • high exercise value, induce perspiration and thorough fat burning results
  • The kicking and punching moves are equally good for self-defence
  • Provides an outlet for bottled-up feelings & frustrations
  • A perfect stress relief for any modern female member.
  • Target firming of arms, waist and back
  • Extremely effective for ladies who would like to firm up their upper body lines, attaining better posture, physical fitness and stamina
i Dance Pilates
  • Pilates has always been the choice of international models and dance coaches who need to maintain a beautiful physique and it is also a favourite amongst Hollywood stars.
  • Emphasize on practising correct breathing; breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth, Breathing with the diaphragm, strengthens the abdominal muscles and the adjacent muscle groups
  • Strengthening muscles through stretching & extension movements
  • Effective relief of mental stress and improves body suppleness
  • iDance fuses Pilates with Funky Dance steps to build internal strength, kinetic energy, balance, regulated breathing and spiritual concentration through lively music and an enjoyable dance routine
  • improves body flexibility, strengthening muscles, results in a more slender body
  • Ideal for ladies who wish to improve body limberness and toning of muscles.
Line dance
  • An innovative Line Dance from i Dance -
  • A break-away from the traditional, rather monotonous dance steps. It is highly stylized yet easy to learn
  • “If you can walk, you can dance” – it is easy to learn but every bit challenging.
  • Allows everyone exerting one’s individual style. It is a dance for all ages
  • Easy to learn & master, an exercise in the form of dancing
  • Moderate perspiration
  • A good training for arms & legs co-ordination
  • Any age
  • Beginners & Dance Enthusiasts
  • Based on aerobic exercise routines, topped with an ingenious combination of traditional Latin Dance steps (Samba, Rumba, Jive, Paso Doble, etc. ) and gymnastic movements, came a perfect dance for fat burning & fitness
  • The various twists & turns of the body help reduce fat and tone heavenly bodies.
  • Exuberates the sexiness and charm while having a work-out burning fat
  • Super effective in reducing the love-handles
Artistic Fervours
Name Description Benefits Ideal For
Technique of Latin
  • Through the dance steps of Cha Cha, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive, explore the world of Latin dancing from the very basics. It will build a good foundation in preparation for advancement in Latin Dancing.
  • Learn Latin Dancing doing various fundamental dance steps.
  • An essential part of body shaping
  • Beginners in Latin Dance
  • Latin Dance enthusiasts
Latin Dance
  • It is comprised of some of the most popular Latin dances: Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble and Jive.
  • Latin Dance is a high aerobic capacity exercise.It emphasizes rhythm, facial expression, eye contact and body language
  • Latin Dance is an art form and an exercise that has extensive movement of the shoulders, abdomen, waist and arms
  • According to research, an average Latin Dance has 160 -180 waist twisting action, and the heartbeat of a person may increase from 80 to 120 times
  • This is equivalent to any physical workout or aerobic exercise. It can strengthen and improve endurance level of the heart.
  • Body sculpting
Bollywood & Polynesian
  • America has Hollywood and India has Bollywood
  • Bollywood Dance is a fusion of traditional Indian dances and modern street dance. It is strong in rhythm and vitality and is highly effective in tummy slimming
  • Learning Bollywood dance does not need any dancing talent. It is easy and simple to learn and it is great for improving your body co-ordination.
  • A unique part of Bollywood Dance is its storytelling nature. The dance sequences, steps, feelings and mood change according to the story when the story unfolds
  • Burns 500 calories in 45 minutes
  • Firming of the rear end and shaping of every curve of the body. Particularly effective with round belies & waists
  • it is also a wonderful aerobic exercise
  • Beginners
  • Ladies who would like to reduce the size of their waist and belly
Broadway Jazz
  • American Broadway Musical Dance is a fusion of Ballet and Jazz Choreography such as Sexy Dance, Lyrical jazz, Funk jazz and Hip Hop Jazz.
  • In other words, it is a combination of Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance. It is even more entertaining for the participants when this form of modern dance has a story to tell.
  • Elegant dance movements, great for linear extension and body shaping.
  • Enhances muscle flexibility and suppleness of the tendons and ligaments
  • Improves physical co-ordination of the body
  • Develops the ability in art and performance, builds confidence, and improves dance technique, quality of movement, musicality and team spirit.
  • Body sculpting
Fundamentals of Dance
  • Our experienced instructors will rectify any errors in your dance steps and help avoid any unnecessary injuries
  • Learn basic turns, jumps, leg postures & kicking movements that may apply to any other type of dance.
  • Builds a good foundation in dancing
  • expands the level of perception and comprehension in dance steps & movements
  • a good training for beautiful physique
  • Anyone with a strong interest in the art of dancing
  • Burning fat through dancing
The Trendy Bunch
Name Description Benefits Ideal For
Hip Hop
  • Hip is the lower body area, Hop is jumping/ bouncing. In all, it means bouncing hips
  • It is comprised of walk, run and jump actions with limitless variations.
  • It is a combination of contraction and extension, spinning, rotating, vibrating and waving of the head, shoulders, torso, body and joints forming a dynamic sequence
  • Every movement has it’s specific body toning effect
  • enhances cardiovascular fitness, reduces fat, increases muscular flexibility, improves limberness of the tendon & ligament
  • Balances various muscle groups on the body, shaping better bodylines and induces better physical co-ordination
  • A medium low power aerobic exercise with body sculpting functions
  • Frequent practice of Hip Hop improves motion co-ordination and achieves better body mass ratio - for a more shapely body
  • Body Sculpting

Fusion Jazz
  • Jazz is a rhythmic, fast pace and action packed kind of dance. It has the capability to mesmerize the audience with its joyous and cheerful spirit
  • The course centres on Luigi Jazz for warm-ups , fused with other basic Jazz step sequences and creative choreography
  • Popular music, strong beat, vibrant dance movements, these are the elements for developing better mind-body synchronization, music sense, creativity and self image
  • Jazz Dancing does not just shape the body but also help develop an innovative mentality
  • Improves body flexibility and co-ordination. Accompanied by popular music it helps participants attuning to the dance routine.
  • Low impact, Moderate calorie burner
  • Body Sculpting
Pop Jazz
  • Pop Jazz is a pulsating, rhythmic dance with multiple variations. Its characteristic is inter-mingling vibrancy and tenderness in its dance steps. Jazz Funk, Lyrical jazz and Hip Hop Jazz are some of the dances in the course syllabus
  • Dynamic Rhythm, Vibrant and Nimble, Jazz Dance is an extremely entertaining activity for the body and limbs.
  • Develops the body as well as creativity
  • A low impact, moderate calorie burner
  • Body Sculpting
Jazz Funk
  • A Fusion of a wide variety of dances (Pop Jazz, Jazz Funk, etc.y) Its interpretation can be relaxing, light-hearted and thoroughly entertaining. The top choice for any trend-setting personality

  • Burn fat through dancing
  • Regulated breathing to the rhythm of music – achieving a higher level of physical enlightenment
  • Body Sculpting
Children Courses
Name Description Benefits Ideal For
Jazz (Elementary)
  • Help kids discover the world of jazz. Learn the style, steps & technique of Jazz Dancing through dacing to exciting music, and witty, enjoyable choreography
  • Trains children’s motor skill and body coordination.
  • Induces self-realization and develops the inclination for showmanship & performance
  • 7-12 years old
Modern Dance (Beginners)
  • With detail instructions and demonstrations, our instructors will enlighten the children with the various basic element of dancing. (for example, Body, Formations & Shapes, Space, Timing, Quality texture and linearity of motion, etc.) Inspiring infinite imagination and creativity.
  • Rouses up children’s passion for dancing, improves motion co-ordination
  • 5-7 years old
  • Instils a general understanding about Ballet through simple dance movements
  • Develop children’s music sense, plus their interest in dancing. A self discovery passage expressing feelings through body gestures and motion; developing character, poise and elegance.
  • 5-7 or 7-12 years old