Notice for Members



Class Bookings

  • Please make telephone booking or (online booking service) for each specific dance session.
  • New timetable will be published and renewed in this website every Thursday.
  • Class booking of the following week can be made on every Friday or after.
  • Timing may be changed due to unforeseen circumstances. Please call to confirm time of the session prior to each class.
  • Cancellations need to be made at least 6 hours prior to the commencement of the reserved session. Session fees of reserved class will be charged for any late cancellation.
  • i Dance reserves the rights to make any changes of classes and instructors as deemed necessary.




  • Upon arrival on the day of each session, please sign-in and pick-up your admission coupon at the reception. The coupon is not allowed to pick up by the 3rd party.
  • The distribution of Room A/B/C depends on the signature number of the classes in 5 minutes before classes.




90 minutes   
per session               
 Sessions          Price          
4 sessions $720
8 sessions $1,280
12 sessions $1,700
16 sessions $2,048


  • We accept Cash, EPS, Visa payments (All paid sessions should be completed within 30 days of the first session)
  • Prices are subjected to changes without further notice.




Group or Individual Private Sessions

  • Members are welcome to make appointments for private instruction sessions. For enquiry & details, please feel free to check with our staff.



Terms & Conditions

All club operational policies are made with the interests of the majority of members in mind. Whilst in the club, Members are therefore required to comply with all reasonable requests made by the staff and to use the facilities according to the following procedures:


  • Usage of our Fitness Studio and facilities are solely for i Dance members only. For the opening hours, please refer to the postings at our website timetable.
    i Dance reserves the rights, at our sole discretion, for making changes in the operation schedules. Under reasonable conditions (structural building revamping, renovation, etc.) in such conditions, some of our facilities may not be available for use.

  • i Dance will assure our facilities, operations and services are up to standard. But when circumstances arise that are beyond our control and result in the interruption of facility usage and services, i Dance shall not be held liable for such interruption nor legal claims from any member.
  • Membership is non-transferable. Members should not allow any 3rd party using their membership card to gain access to the studio facilities. i Dance staff has the rights to demand proof of identity from any member entering our premises.
  • Members need to register as i Dance member with a recent photo at the reception and show your membership card to gain access to our facilities. In the event of a lost or stolen membership card, members should contact i Dance for a replacement card. The replacement fee is $80 per card.
  • The management reserves the rights to open any personal lockers at our premises. In the event of a lost locker key, key cutting/ replacement fee is $25 per key.
  • For rental of personal lockers, renewal should be done prior to the expiration of the rental period. (Base on the most current rental charges) For termination of rental, lockers should be cleared prior to the expiration date. In the event that any locker is not being cleared after one month from the rental expiration, i Dance reserves the right to clear such locker and dispose of any content in the locker at our own discretion.
  • Members are advised not to leave any valuables in the lockers. i Dance is not liable to members for any lost or stolen valuables placed in the lockers at our premises.
  • Members are only allowed to make booking on the prepaid dance courses (except trial class coupon). Please make a telephone booking (or online booking service) for each specific dance session. Timing may be changed due to unforeseen circumstances. Please call to confirm the time of the session prior to each class.
  • Class timetable would be renewed on every Thursday. And booking of the dance session of the following week can be made on Friday or after. 
  • Cancellations need to be made at least 6 hours prior to the commencement of the reserved session. Session fee of reserved class will be charged for any late cancellation.
  • Members may collect their coupons and enter the dance studio prior to the commencement of each session. Being fair to all members, there can only be one space in the studio for each participant. No holding of dance space is allowed.
  • i Dance reserves the right to make any changes of classes or class instructors as deemed necessary.
  • Minimum class size is 3 people. Class will be canceled automatically when the minimum reservation number is not met two hours before class. i Dance staff will notice the members who had reserved that class immediately.
  • Children waiting in the reception area must be accompanied by an adult. If the accident occurs due to the any negligence caused by participant not accompanied by their parents/guardian, our club will not be held accountable for any legal responsibility.
  • No pets are allowed in the studio in order to maintain public hygiene.
  • Members are prohibited from disclosing any video, photography or audio recording on the media or internet without consent from the 3rd party subject/talent.
  • To protect the privacy of members, no photography, videography or audio recording is not allowed in bathroom, changing room and corridor area at our premises.
  • No smoking, Narcotics, Alcohol, Weapons, Outside Food, Vulgarity or Illegal Activities is allowed on our premises.
  • Members should be courteous towards each other. Any Threat, Harassment (Verbal or written) or Excessive Behavior (offensive/ illegal) is not allowed.
  • Members should preserve the peace & harmony in our studio facilities. Any unreasonable noise or behavior that causes commotion and disturbance to other members is forbidden.
  • Members are forbidden from doing any broadcasting (including Written Material, Audio Visual, Film & video)
  • Members should be considerate for others and maintain good personal hygiene and cleanliness at our premises. Any behavior that causes disturbance or inconvenience to others is not allowed. We reserve the rights to revoke the membership and expel any instigator of commotions from our studio.
  • If there is any problem or complaint, please approach our management. Please refrain from causing any commotion or disturbance within the studio. In the event that there are disputes between member & staff, i Dance reserves the rights to renounce any member from our premises.
  • i Dance reserves the rights to expel any misbehaved member, terminate her membership and refund the balance of any unused fees.
  • Respect the privacy and leisure time of other members, no promotion of any products, services or any solicitation for business are permitted within the studio premises. Any violator of the clause in any related manner may have her membership terminated without any refund.

  • In case member needs to leave Hong Kong and requests for an extension of her dance course package which will be expired soon, i Dance may consider to accept such application provided that the member can submit a copy of her/his relevant boarding pass or air-ticket to i Dance for verification. However, i Dance will reserve the rights on its final decision.

  • Members are responsible to inform i Dance for any change of address or telephone number.
  • When there is a Typhoon Warning Signal No 8 or a Code Black Storm Warning enforced by the Hong Kong Observatory, our studio will cease operations. In the event that the typhoon warning signal number 8 or code black storm warning is cancelled by 3:30 p.m (Monday to Friday) or by 1:00 p.m (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday), our studio will resume service after 2 hours.
  • Members are advised to ascertain that your own physical ability is fit enough for the course before signing up for any of our dance session. And also, members are responsible to complete the Health Declaration Form which i Dance provided. If in doubt, please consult your personal physicians.
  • To ensure smooth operations of our studio and the convenience of our members, the Terms & Conditions listed here are subject to change from time to time at the sole discretion of i Dance.

  • Any new version replaces all previous editions of the Terms & Conditions. All approved signs stating Terms & Conditions that are posted in i Dance Powerbase shall be considered a part of these Terms & Conditions.

  • At our premises, all members have to abide to these Terms & Conditions, even the latest editions, with immediate effects.