Mr. LAU Pui Hung - Principal of Education Division (Chinese Dance)

Being acted as the first generation of veteran famous dancer, choreographer and dance instructor in the Hong Kong film industry, graduated from the Actor training and Choreography training classes at the Shaw Productions company during the period of 1965-1968, then acted as the singing group officer, choreographer and principal actor at the TV stations, film companies and dance groups as well.  Starting from the 1970’s, Mr. Lau has been activity promoting in the dance education, organized the regional dance competition and had gained highly favorable comment.  He has also gathered 300 people to dance (百鳥朝凰), (花兒遍地開) for the grand performances while the Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince of Wales whom has visited in Hong Kong respectively and obtained highly praised and get the “Outstanding Group Performance Award”.

Having established & organized the dancing group including Mr. LAU Pui Hung Dance Group, Youth Dance Group, Yuen Long Dance Group, Tuen Mun Dance Group, Silver Star Song and Dance Ensemble, HK & NT dance group and as well as the Kwai Tsing dance group to organize the dance group in the Kindergarten, primary and also the secondary schools.  Other than that, he has also served as the Artistic Director and Choreography work for three decades.  He has trained a large number of professional dancing talent which activity in HK and also had made a contribution in the art of dance.

Being awarded for the excellence awards in the Inter-school dance competition over the years, “Hong Kong Dance Competition Champion Award”,  TVB “Sampo Night” Art Competition annual championship.   Up to now, he has received more than 100 gold and the first prizes.  He has obtained the “outstanding artist Award – Dance” as awarded by the Tuen Mun District Council in 2005. Being awarded for the “Outstanding children's dance gold medal worker” by the Chinese Ministry of Culture under the (Chinese Society of children's dance) in 2006. In 2008, being awarded for the “Hong Kong dancer artistic Achievement Award” and  “One Hundred Outstanding Chinese Contemporary Artists Honor Award”, “Founding Century of Excellence Honor Award”, “Children Dance Gardener Honor Award” and so on.

Mr. Lau is currently acting as the Chairman of “Tuen Mun Art Association Dance Arts Development Board”, the Chairman of the “Kwai Tsing District Arts Association Dance Promotion Committee”, “Chinese Children Dance Association”, the “Hong Kong Arts Development Council Dance Art Consultant and Approval Committee”, the Vice Chairman of the “Hong Kong Dance Federation”, “China & Hong Kong Dance Competition Judge”, the Artistic Director of the “Tuen Mun Dance Troupe”, the artistic Director of “Yuen Long Dance  Troupe”,  the Artistic Director of “Kwai Tsing Dance Troupe”,  the Chairman & Artistic Director of the “Hong Kong,  New Territories Dance Troupe”  He was invited by multi-national arts organizations to be serve as Artistic Consultant, Director and Instructor as well.

Mr. Lau was selected entry into “Who's Who in the World of Chinese writers and artists”, “Hong Kong Dance History”, “generation masters”, “Tuen Mun District Arts Festival Special Issue” etc.

Mr. LAU Pui Hung has created for more than 200 pieces of the ancient and modern dance ballet, the creative dance including (山歌姻緣), (楊門女將), (金山戰鼓),  (悔),  (海邊情), (哪吒鬧東海), (蟋蟀和螞蟻), (牛郎織女), (深海奇觀),  (風雪飛雁),  (西藏風情),  (梁山伯與祝英台), (唐風樂舞), (至和頌) etc, and also participate into the large-scale ballet of (龍情5000), (絲路流金),  (獅子山下), (客從何來 for the “Hong Kong Dance Federation” and served as the Dance Director, and also involved in the large-scale musical (岳飛英雄傳), (仙樂飄舞霓裳) &  (王子復仇記) served as the Dance Director and other choreographer works.  The Hong Kong dance Federation to celebrate its 60th anniversary, making a large-scale dance poem (歲月香江) 及 (紫荊盃2010), (an international tournament and the Hong Kong tournament in 2012 & 2014) served as production director.  He has also served as the Dance Director, the Choreographer and the Stage Manager for the (天長地久) of the “Kwai Tsing Musical Theatre” in 2014.