Mary Hon - Chief Operating Officer of i Dance

Ms Mary Hon has been well respected for contributing much of her lifetime to the HK television show business. Although she has cast many different roles in the myriads of TV drama, not many people realizing Mary is also an expert in the arts of Chinese Dance.

After being appointed as the COO of i Dance, Mary not only engaged busily much of her time in the daily operation of i Dance, she has also demonstrated her eagerness and passion to learn and enjoy modern dancing by joining the classes with the customers. She finds life is as if a drama which will always have up and down and we can only manage our life well as long as we are healthy in body and in soul. Mary well believes dancing is an effective exercise to build our physical and spiritual fitness. She commits to recommend more people to join i Dance regardless of their sex and age.  Once you want to experience the dancing exercise, she can always help you to find courses that best suit your needs and interest; help you to fall in love with dancing; help you to get prettier and stronger.