About i Dance

People choose to express our feelings through body movements and thus when we are excited, we will dance naturally. Dancing is an inborn instinct that we all have inhabited. Dancing can help to grow our body healthily, increase our beauty, enhance our creativity, express our emotions and improve our social skills. 

"i Dance I Change" has always been the belief of i Dance. Since the first set up of i Dance in 2009, being customers centric has always been the core value to drive us to grow everyday. We keep on improving our caring services by upgrading the facilities and reviewing the quality of instructors and classes. 

In 2013, i Dance set up our 3rd dance studio in Hong Kong and thus allows more customers to enjoy the joyfulness and benefits of dancing. Looking ahead, i Dance will keep on carrying our belief and seeking for improvements. We welcome comments and advices from our customers to ensure they always have the best dancing experiences with i Dance. 

Our Major Milestones

2009 The opening of 1st i Dance studio in TSTE (10,000 sq ft)
2012 The expansion of 2nd i Dance studio in Quarry Bay (10,000 sq ft)
2013 The further expansion of 3rd i Dance studio in Kwun Tong (10,000 sq ft)
2013 The winning of Innovative Entrepreneur Award from Junior Chamber International Hong Kong

Our Vision  

Become the most premier dance power base in Asia.

Customers Centric

Customer satisfaction has been the core focus of i Dance. We commit to make every commercial decision and deliver our best services by always seeking the comments from our customers.

Mutual Respect

We believe the importance of open and sincere communications with staff and customers. 

Team Partnership

Our staff has always been the most important asset of i Dance. While building the culture of team partnership among our valuable staff, we commit to respect, listen and value the comments from each of them. 

Work Passion

We believe we can only provide customers with the best dancing experiences by developing our staff as always being positive and passion. When our staff enjoy with their work in i Dance, our customers will receive the elite services from us. 

Long-term Development

We commit to always seek for being better and being innovative and thus will enable us to maintain a very high level of customers care to our clients.

Society Contribution

We involve ourselves to change the world as better through dancing experiences.